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This Site is currently under construction, as is the company it represents. As time goes on, we plan to move from research to development and production on the SunFurnace™ Solar Biomass Pyrolysis system... But we need your help.
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Solar Power Rules!

Why Cook Poo?

Agricultural waste in particular, and organic waste in general, continue to pose an increasing disposal problem. Run-off from industrial livestock operations pollutes rivers and streams, and landfills take up valuable land, and release methane and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. With PooCooker's solar thermal pyrolysis technology, organic waste of any kind can be converted to bio-oils, useful as fuels and industrial feedstocks.

An Amazing Investment Opportunity!!!!!

We are currently working on raising $1M in capital to fund the development of the first production model of the SunFurnace™ PooCooker. Instead of the traditional route of courting individual venture capitalists, we are experimenting with a micro financing model.

YOU can be a part of the development of this revolutionary technology!!!

Instead of finding a single individual to invest a million dollars in our venture, we are searching for 10,000 individuals to each invest $100. It is a small investment, but could get you (and all your friends) in on the ground floor of a truly transformative technology.

In return for your investment, you will get a share in this growing company. At present, we plan to sell 25% of the company to the first $1M in investors. It could all go to a single Angel investor, or potentially to up to 10K visionary micro-capitalists.

If you are interested in this fabulous opportunity, please send us an email.

You'll be put on our mailing list, and we'll contact you about how to make your investment.

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